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Virus-Stay Cool Technical Tank-Circle

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This Men's Tank is constructed with a 2 layer fabric. On the inside is Cool Jade fabric on the outside is a Poly Blend. This allows for the cooling comfort and combines a rugged poly fabric on the outside.

Great for training and post training - when you just want to focus on comfort. Great fit and slick design.

Virus Cool Jade technology has been developed to reduce skin surface temperatures for use in high temperatures. Testing has proven that it's use on the skin can reduce temperatures by 6-10° F.

Made by recycled Jade shavings, nano technology has allowed this to be woven into yarn that is cool to the touch. As Jade is a natural substance used in jewellery  for centuries, it has no adverse affect on skin.A must for the collection.

US Size so go down at least one size- However for best fit, please refer to size chart.

*Please note size chart is referring to US sizes, generally this means go down 1-2  sizes. Please refer to measurements for an accurate fit.