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Welcome to The Wodrobe


Let your next Workout of the Day (WOD) be your best!

The Wodrobe is a vibrant online apparel and accessory store committed    to equipping CrossFit and functional fitness enthusiasts from around the world with the very best gear for their next WOD or fitness session. We stock some of most popular brands and products from around the world, along with home grown classics to give you the the tools you need to perform at your best, every time!

The Wodrobe is a wholly owned Australian company, established and operated by fitness enthusiasts whose mission it is to bring the very best quality workout apparel, casual gym clothes and fitness accessories from around the globe to your doorstep.  We are your online fitness walk-in 'wod' robe. 

With an industry leading shipping offer of FREE EXPRESS shipping for ALL Australian orders over $99, we like to keep our checkout and delivery system quick and easy but most importantly, secure through the use of Securepay.

By stocking leading brand names - RokFit, Rehband, Virus, Compete Every Day, Elite SRS, SoRock Shop, ReEvolve, Jaw, Rocktape, and more - and providing the very best level of personalised customer service, we empower you to beat your personal best, every time.

Browse our extensive range of casual fitness apparel and accessories, and discover why we're one of the leading online fitness retailers in Australia.