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Five Tips To Help Overcome The Winter Training Blues

by Brent Marks August 06, 2016

Five Tips To Help Overcome The Winter Training Blues

It's dark, cold, and wet. Getting up in the morning to workout seems an impossible chore. It's just so easy to hit the snooze button and curl back up under the covers. Yep – It’s winter alright!

Then the excuses and rationalisations starts. “I'll go tonight after work.” You leave school or work with every intention to head to the gym or park, but again, it’s dark and cold and all you can think about is your warm house and a delicious bowl of soup (and perhaps one of those healthy and delicious cacao and peanut butter hot chocolates that your best friend gave you the recipe for that day). Soon enough that workout is forgotten, and you’ve convinced yourself that the alternative is far better ‘just this once’.

 It doesn’t have to be this way. Take control of your thoughts and feel good this winter! You’ve worked hard to for your gains and to reach your fitness goals. Don’t throw that hard won progress away because just because it’s cold and dreary outside. Whether it be at your CrossFit box, local gym or outdoor group fitness session, treat exercise as your sanctuary from the cold and you’ll find that you can make incredible progress and prepare yourself for an amazing spring and summer season (and perhaps that new bathing suit).

So, what can we do to beat the winter training blues?

  1. Try a new routine, or mix up an existing routine with new challenges. If you have an effective routine, stick to it, but maybe try something different one day per week. If you usually workout outdoors, try an indoor activity such as indoor rock-climbing, pilates or another complementary activity. It’s not about changing direction, just keeping active and mixing it up.
  2. If the only time you have to workout is in the morning, try moving your alarm clock across the room, or if you use a phone alarm, keep the phone out of arms reach (perhaps in another room). We are at our most mentally vulnerable first thing in the morning, and while you may think that the snooze button is your friend, it is simply too easy to delay or avoid your morning workout.
  3. If you train in the evening after work or school, don’t go home before your workout. There are too many distractions and obligations at home that can step in to distract you and prevent your training. Go straight to your training session, finish your workout and then go home filled with endorphins and pride. If you need a little motivation, grab a quick coffee at that hip new espresso bar on the way.
  4. Use a personal trainer or a training partner, someone to motivate you and help keep you accountable. Nobody likes to disappoint others, so if someone is waiting for you at the gym or park you are more likely to turn up just to avoid feelings of guilt.
  5. Use the session to socialise, but not to the point of distraction. Exercise with your friends or make friends in your fitness community. Consider joining a group training organisation (whether indoors or outside), or visit a CrossFit or other functional fitness facility. Each have their own culture and community, and while joining a group training environment can be intimidating at first, those feeling generally evaporate quickly as you are welcomed into their community. Working out with friends will make your sessions fun and challenging, and you will find complaints about cold or wet weather are all part of the banter and fun. 

Working out in winter is without doubt a challenge, but if you utilise some of these tips, stay focused and remain consistent, winter is the perfect time to improve your overall fitness. As they say, summer bodies are built in winter. That should be motivation enough.

Commit to fit - Live fit and live long!

The Wodrobe


Brent Marks is the Owner of Wodrobe.  A practising solicitor, Brent also holds a Cert III and Cert IV in Fitness, and is a CrossFit Level 2 trainer.   Brent currently trains at CrossFit Brisbane



Brent Marks
Brent Marks

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