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Controlling the Controllables and Letting Everything Else Go

by Brent Marks October 31, 2016

Controlling the Controllables and Letting Everything Else Go

Author: Tristan Enright - Owner CrossFit 3018- Altona, Melbourne

Controlling the controllables and letting everything else go

When I talk about 'controllables' what I'm really referring to are the things or the factors in life that we have immediate and direct control of. 

For example, a controllable is:

- The way we behave

- The words we speak

- The actions we take

- The beliefs we choose to have about ourselves  and the world

- The values and priorities we live by

 By contrast, examples of 'uncontrollables' include:

- Anything outside of your immediate control

- being reliant on other people to make something happen

- relying on outside circumstances to fall into place

What happens when you live your life controlling the controllables is you feel empowered, responsible and grateful for the outcomes you create and generally happier about life and your part in it. This is due to you taking charge of what you can, focusing only on what matters and what you can do to move you towards the things you desire and value. 

What happens when people rely on the uncontrollables is they have expectations of others to fulfil their needs and desires. If you are stuck in a rut and focusing on the uncontrollables, you probably expect the world to provide for you and serve you and when things don't magically fall into place, you blame other people for your lack of direction and results. 

 It's a trap that we all fall into at times. 

The question is not will we fall victim to these thoughts and behaviours, the question is will we step up and empower ourselves when we know we can, now we know its available. When we realise that we have the power, the choice or the responsibility to do what matters for us it makes living any other way seem silly.  In fact, it's a burden. 

Does that mean that we should just do what we want and not make any sacrifices for others or help people?. Well, that's up to you to decide. That's pretty cool isn't it?  You get to decide. So much of our life we spend on auto pilot, see how it feels to give yourself the power to decide again. 

Motion and movement is leading us somewhere. I recently spoke about the power of momentum... what momentum are you creating, and... who is leading you?  By now I hope that you've decided you are leading you. Because if you're not, life sucks. 

People who aren't steering their own ship not only end up living someone else's life and blaming everyone for their own misfortune, they also feel a lack of self worth and importance. 

One day, we will all be dead. Before then you might be sitting in a rocking chair wishing you did more, wishing you had a crack or wishing you did what you said you would. Don't wait until it's too late. Get back your power. 

So where do you go from here - Here is the tip - Just get started.  Take control of 3 things (large or small) today that you can control, that rely only on you (do it now).  Write them down - Stick them on the fridge - Make them the wallpaper of your phone. 

Whatever it is, take charge of you. Show up to your life and if something doesn't look like it went your way... at least you know what way your going, the right way, the way that matters to you. 

Be you and that means being true to you and taking charge of what matters most. 

Photo credit: Michael Coppola @ CrossFit Roar and @ CrossFit Torian


Tristan Enright is the owner and head coach of CrossFit 3018 in the Melbourne suburb of Altona - A former elite tennis player, Tristan has now dedicated himself to helping others get the most out of their lives through fitness, movement and fun.


Brent Marks
Brent Marks

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October 31, 2016

Thanks guys. Had fun writing this one. Good luck to everyone.

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