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Diary Of A Games Competitor - Fran Pehi

by Brent Marks August 06, 2015

Diary Of A Games Competitor - Fran Pehi

Here at The Wodrobe we are fortunate enough to be great friends with Francine Pehi, 2015 Games competitor and 3rd place finisher in her age category (45-49). Having been coached by Fran and training with her for the past 3 years it has been a pleasure to see her succeed in what she loves to do. We have been lucky enough to have been given access to Fran's personal diary as she prepares for the Games under the watchful eye of the great Amanda Allen, who once again has done so well, also finishing 3rd in her age category. Both Fran and Amanda are JAW athletes and you can check more about Amanda's training here.

Just to give you a bit of background; on finding that she had qualified for the games Fran quit her job and moved to Adelaide to train with Amanda prior to flying over to the States.

7 July 2015

Another restless nights sleep under the belt but one bonus being that I've probably kept this cold at bay!! 

With great thanks to so many amazing elixirs and goodness going into my body, messages of support and even amazing care packages being sent to me, they've all worked together and are building that immune system back up to where it normally is, thank you all.

We started with a 30min infra red sauna this morning, just to get some warmth into us before we started training. Oh my, I didn't wanna get out but after hearing Amanda tell me "it's so easy to be lazy", I jumped up, got changed and prepped for training!! 

Funny how we get so caught up in what we're doing, it's so easy to forget the simple things we know are true. That it is so easy to be lazy. It would've been so much easier to stay in there for another 15mins but we didn't.

A spicy little wod involving a total of 15 rounds of 20sec of assault bike max calories alternating with 5 rounds each of 20 sec max effort toes to bar/butterfly chest to bars/def handstand push-ups...left us both absolutely nauseated and annihilated for the majority of the day!!! 

I was in awe of Amanda on the bike and the bar, she owned everything...she was incredible! I'm so grateful and happy to be able to train alongside her, such a brilliant athlete.

I had to get outside for fresh air so I wouldn't throw up and Amanda was sprawled all over the floor gasping for air. Wailing and cries from the two of us afterwards would've turned any newcomer away in quite the hurry.

We managed to get ourselves together before heading off to do some more admin for our trip away then meeting at Good Life Marion in the afternoon for an excellent 30min EMOM involving:

6x 85kg (I think) back squats

6x 50kg push jerks

5x dips 

This was such a good little burner just enough reps to make it hard but not unachievable and decent weights so we would could focus on form. It was good enough to know that again, we deserved the float we were about to enjoy! 

The float, as usual, was so beautiful and this time I was off within moments; clearly I needed this and I soaked up every single moment. 

I came out of it fresh, relaxed and feeling so incredibly alive. I don't have much to say when I come out of these but my heart would speak a thousand or more words if I had the energy.

These past few days haven't been the nicest and easiest, for a certain horrible reason. Add to this, my unusual case of sleep deprivation, which is worsening as the days pass, has sent me into a daze where it seems crying is my only release.  

I don't cry easily normally but these past few days, it's been far too rampant for my liking. I'm hoping remedies and guided meditation will kick this bullshit soon enough and I'll get myself together. 

I'm constantly redirecting my thoughts with positivity and smiles, it's hard work at the moment.

"Courage isn't always a roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day saying, I'll try again tomorrow."

Hugs and love,

Franny x

To be continued.....




Brent Marks
Brent Marks

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