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What’s holding YOU back - Top 5 Common Misconceptions Preventing People from Starting CrossFit

November 07, 2016

What’s holding YOU back - Top 5 Common Misconceptions Preventing People from Starting CrossFit

It’s easy for us all to forget after a few months or years in CrossFit that taking the plunge to start can be very daunting.  Like any other sport, there are plenty of people who simply aren’t interested in giving it a go, which is fine, but there are also a large number of interested people who hold back as a result of these common misconceptions.  If you know someone who is hesitant to join because of any of the following, assure them they are not alone:

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Controlling the Controllables and Letting Everything Else Go

October 31, 2016


Author: Tristan Enright - Owner CrossFit 3018 - Altona, Melbourne!

When I talk about 'controllables' what I'm really referring to are the things or the factors in life that we have immediate and direct control of. 

What happens when you live your life controlling the controllables is you feel empowered, responsible and grateful for the outcomes you create and generally happier about life and your part in it. This is due to you taking charge of what you can, focusing only on what matters and what you can do to move you towards the things you desire and value. 

What happens when people rely on the uncontrollables is they have expectations of others to fulfil their needs and desires. If you are stuck in a rut and focusing on the uncontrollables, you probably expect the world to provide for you and serve you and when things don't magically fall into place, you blame other people for your lack of direction and results. 

 It's a trap that we all fall into at times. 

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