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Five things that CrossFit taught me about myself and my solo business!

September 21, 2016

Author: Warrick Bidwell

Some months my business seemed to stagnate, even slip backwards. I’d lose a client or two, leads would dry up and I’d lament the long hours and stress when I seemed to be getting no further ahead than I was before.

I was pretty sure it would take me many years to get to their level so I automatically started finding excuses for my lack of prowess.

I’m not a big fan of labels. Not the ones on my clothes or the ones we all seem to attach to ourselves and others. There are two labels I’m happy to have attached to me however – Crossfitter and Solopreneur. I wear these two proudly but sometimes, they can both weigh heavily on my psyche.

I recently shared a social media post about my CrossFit journey on the page where I’m a member and it struck me, as the comments came flooding in, that being a ‘CrossFitter’ is very much like being a soloist.

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Who are you training for?

September 13, 2016


So - Who are you training for?

This blog is not aimed just at women – body image can affect us all to differing levels and negative body image can present in many different forms.  However, it is traditionally women who present to CrossFit with a negative body image and the instructions that they ‘do not want to gain any muscle mass’.

As coaches, we love to hear people’s success stories through CrossFit.  No story has touched me more than the following very personal blog from one of our In2 members.

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